Sneezy the Snail

The BabyBlinks DVDs are a refreshing new product on the market. The great thing about BabyBlinks is that it is written, researched, produced, voiced and made in Australia by Australian parents. Using a clever and creative mix of colours, animation, music and footage, BabyBlinks suits children of all ages and backgrounds.

Not only are the DVDs designed for children, they also provide an enjoyable and rewarding experience for parents as well. The BabyBlinks DVDs are well structured as they follow a formula which includes the opener, introducing children to what is about to come, movement segments, starting with an animal followed by movement, target segments, focusing on colours, numbers, shapes, alphabet, emotions, body parts, just to name a few. BabyBlinks' innovative dual soundtrack is designed for parents as well as their children as it offers an upbeat version for active play and fun and a quiet and calm version for quiet time and before bedtime.

Overall BabyBlinks provides parents and children with an extremely well designed educational, interactive, creative and attention grabbing Australian product and would be a valuable tool in any child's development.

Andrew Greenfield
B.Sc. (Hons) Psych (Advanced Science) MAPS
Child & Educational Psychologist

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More Testimonials

Just wanted to let you know how fantastic I have found your baby blinks DVD 'My Favourite Things". My daughter is now 5 months old and she just loves the DVD. I purchased the DVD when she was 3 months old and she watches it everyday why I have a shower. As soon as the DVD starts she smiles and kicks her legs in excitement. It's nice to see such a great Australian product.
Angie W.

Rohaan (now 7 months old) enjoys My Favourite Things more than ever and continues to 'grow' with the DVD as his awareness develops, especially when Bronty the dolphin and Charlie the cat make an appearance.
Congratulations on a wonderful compilation!! Musical arrangements suit the clip very much, especially the idea of incorporating a variety of classical and folk.
Trish A.
Hillside, Victoria

Trish wrote to us again to let us know her thoughts on Marvellous Moments

What can I say....a Marvellous Masterpiece!! ...Rohaan (almost 10 months) has a new circle of buddies! He crawls up to the TV, climbs the entertainment unit and tries to 'touch' the babies & children. He claps with them, smiles most of the time, occasionally has a conversation with them, and waves 'bye-bye' at the end!
Rohaan has taken a special liking to Honey the hippo and Metro the mouse! There is also a hint of 'dancing' when parts of the body are featured! I only need to show him the DVD cover, and a big smile gradually takes form. He can be anywhere in the house, and as soon as he hears the intro, he suddenly smiles & coos, crawling 'hurriedly to the TV!
What the team of BabyBlinks has compiled here in my opinion is something comparative to a 'fork & knife' - i.e. the DVD's compliment each other! Once again, a terrific selection of music featuring many & varied styles, especially the accompaniment to the feature of parts of the body and Australian wildlife animals. It's great to see the babies from 'My Favourite Things' making an appearance in 'Marvellous Moments', only older!
Many thanks & kind regards
Trish A.
Hillside, Victoria

Miss 4 loves watching it with Miss 13 months and pointing out all the things to her so I entertain both kids at once :o)
Tania R.
Ferntree Gully, Victoria

Just wanted to let you know how much Billy (12mths) is enjoying the Babyblinks DVD he is absolutely obsessed at the moment. He calls it "Bubba" (as in the movie with the bubbas on it), and points manically at the TV when he wants to watch it?e lies down on the floor, or climbs up on the couch and watches it, waving at the babies, blowing kisses to the teddy bears, and laughing his head off at the pig.
So it's a hit at our place.
Sarah J.
Sydney, NSW

My daughter (15 months) absolutely loves BabyBlinks. It's the only way I can get her to eat her vegetables.
Fiona G.
Newcastle, NSW

I just love it. Maddy watched "My Favourite Things" last night, she was mesmerized and was particularly taken with the classical mix of music. She slept for a little longer than usual too as she was very stimulated while watching it. I could tell she liked it as she kicked a lot and made grunting noises and her breathing got faster in parts! What a great endorsement from a 9 week old!!!!! :-)
Lanie S. (Bach. Teach)
Scarborough, Queensland